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In my capacity as Medical Director of the Cinquantenaire Hospital in Kisangani (HCK), I am proud to take charge of this renowned institution, serving particularly vulnerable patients, children. HCK is a pediatric hospital first that has a capacity of 102 beds. It is a modern level IV hospital according to WHO standards. It was inaugurated in January 2013. Its mission was to make access to quality health care for the population of Kisangani in Eastern Province east of the Rd-Congo
Dr. Baron Dieudonné Ngasia

Medical Director

The Hôpital du Cinquantenaire de Kisangani (HCK)tremendous project would never have come to existenceif some people of goodwill had not been fully involved. Paying honour to whom honour is due, the merit of this fine work goes first to Dan Gertler, co-initiator of the Gertler Family Foundation (GFF).

The GFF, the social departmentof the Fleurette Group, is the main sponsorbehindHCK. Its president Pieter Deboutte also gave of his best to make the HCK a landmark institution in health care.

The Gertler Family Foundation is committed to paying particular attention to all vulnerable parts of the Congolese population through numerous health, education, infrastructure, cultural and emergency projects and many others that help change lives and develop communities for a better future.

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We are taking care of you

The quality of services

At the Kisangani Cinquantainaire Hospital, the prenatal consultation session is scheduled every Thursday of the week according to the appointment.

The number of pregnant women who are consulted in this service is increasing from day to day because of the quality of the services offered to them.


End of the training of Dr. BambaleJean-paul in Gynecological and Obstetrical Ultrasound

This training enabled him to acquire a practical vision on the use of Gynecological and Obstetric ultrasound.

A full health care of the patient

The kitchen staff of the Cinquantenaire Hospital which, unlike most hospitals in Congo where patients must bring their own food, cook three meals a day for each patient.

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